NPL YOUTH 2 Team announcements


NPL YOUTH 2 Team announcements

We are pleased to announce our inaugural NPL Youth 2 Teams for the 2021 season.


NPLY2 Under 13’s

Adam Džaja
Yusuf Al-Samadi
Isaac Di Iulio
Logan Ramage
Abdul Hizam
Sebastian Paragalli
Nicolas Raccosta
Luka Sečkar
Karlo Pranjić
Luca Staltari
Luke Linton
Brodie Latimore
Lawson Sharples
Osama Ahmed
Tobias Ddrovandi-McPherson


NPLY2 Under 14’s

Dom Staltari
Paul Staltari
Lincoln Correia
Dawit Jember
Mirza Taufik
Leon Tie
Max Starkovski
Alexis Cofinas
Jude Liversidge
Oliver Polak
Louis Lou
Jacob Ramsay
Markhozi Zwangobani
Luca Giorgi
Ari Houlihan
Matthew McCreath


NPLY2 Under 16’s

Aj Malauulu
Tomer Doron
Daniel Husking
Tobias Robson
Aran Azfar
Max Markezić
Oliver Markezić
Markus Smith
Mitchell Platten
Blake Hodgins
Cameron Hodgins
Leon Thomson-Senanayake
Harry Nielson
David Heleniak
Luka Kurta
Jure Lemezina
Anakin Mijoč – u18’s


NPLY2 Under 18’s

Jayden Lee
Jasper Milin
Ben Langman
Itiel Tham
Xavier Correia
Daniel Medić
Manny Navarro-Bustos
Geordie Ringvall
Nick Richter
Zac Iglesias
Ben Stephenson
Sean Gobbitt
Mathew Lovrinović
Guthrie Mathunga
Jarrod Young
Lachlan Wise
Damien Mckellar
Patrick Phillips


Congratulations to all the successful trialists!

Unsuccessful players will be invited to participate in several Development Teams that we will field in the ACTEWAGL Junior League. Development Teams will run in conjunction of our NPL Youth 2 program and opportunities will arise for player movements between the two streams. More information including trials for Development Teams will be released shortly.

We are also delighted to be fielding 12 teams from U5’s to U12’s that will feed into our NPL Youth program and deliver a complete pathway from U5’s all the way to the First Team for the first time in our Clubs history.

After an arduous 6 weeks of trials we would like to thank First Team Head Coach Miro Trninić on overseeing every single trial session in each age grade with his expert talent identification, Technical Director Aleks Trninić, Ivan Jurinović, Jimmy Muongsene, Stipe Radić, Ivan Perić, Adam Villatobas, Mark Markezić, Martin Smith, Arnold Halupka, Paco Iglesias and several “Rival” Club Technical Directors and Coaches for all their efforts as we establish and build a strong Junior and Youth foundation for many years to come.



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